You did it, Clarence!

IMG_2423We asked you to defeat apathy, and you did!

We asked you to vote A-S-K; for Andrews, Stock, and Kloss, and you did!

We asked you to vote for next year’s budget, and you did!

We asked you to help the district finance and replace old, unsafe buses to keep our kids safe, and you did!

The people who cynically asked you to plunk only for Mr. Worling – who demanded that the district pay cash for the buses – they lost.

Indeed, only about 1,000 came out to vote down the buses and budget, and to plunk for Worling.

By contrast, about 2,500 of you came out to protect the quality of our schools, the educational integrity of the school board, and the safety of our kids.

The budget passed by 77% – the highest margin since 1995.

If you take away 2013 as an aberration, due to the 9.8% budget mess, at 3,531, 2014 saw the biggest turnout in Clarence school election history. Generally, total turnout in a typical year is about 1,500.

Thank you!

Proposition 1: Budget

Yes – 2,670

No – 786

Proposition 2: Transportation

Yes – 2,454

No – 999

Board of Education Election:

Maryellen Kloss (elected) – 2,558

Tricia Andrews (elected) – 2,505

Matt Stock (elected) – 2,471

Richard Worling – 1,091

But the battle is not over, not by a long shot. School opponents were sore winners last year, and they’re sore losers this year, resorting to threats, bullying, harassment, and lies to overcome their palpable disappointment that their 2013 playbook didn’t work this year.

We must stand strong against this repetitive, redundant assault on our schools, our kids, and our community.

We’re not shills for the union. We’re not “anti-taxpayer”. We’re taxpayers too! All of us!

We’re shills for the amazing and unique equation that Clarence offers – low taxes and excellent schools. Our taxes are significantly lower than just about any other community in western New York, and we enjoy the #3 school district. You simply don’t get a better bang for your buck.

Is everything perfect? No.

We’re open and willing to listen to reasonable, new ideas to help fund the schools and programs, so long as they don’t do harm to current students.

But when the other side screams at schoolkids about how they’re “brainwashed” and the teachers’ union is the “enemy”, well, we just don’t have time or patience for that. The community shouldn’t stand for that.

Next year, two board seats will be up for grabs. There will be a new budget proposal. It will be critically important that we get out next year’s pro-school vote, and repeat that for every subsequent year.

In retrospect, the defeat of the 9.8% budget increase in 2013 was the best thing that ever could have happened.

  • It galvanized, energized, and mobilized parents.
  • It outraged students.
  • It did palpable harm to the district, resulting in private stopgap funding.
  • We found out who’s a friend of the district, and who isn’t.

But what it did above all, was enable parents and those who stand for excellence in education to stand strong together and defeat the slick PR machine, the pancake breakfasts, and the lies and division.

We stood up for our schools and our community and we won – in record numbers.


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