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The board meets Monday to consider restoring positions

The state aid numbers are in, and Superintendent Hicks proposes to raise the levy by 3.9% (well below the cap of 4.78%), and restore 11 positions, including teachers.

At least one board member has signaled that he will not vote to restore these positions.
Please sign this petition and urge the board to restore teachers, staff, and programs to enhance our kids’ education, and to protect our investment in our homes, community, and schools.

In the past several years, class sizes have increased, the elementary schools have no full-time on-site librarians, and we have lost teachers and electives, all to thestudents’ detriment. The Home and Careers Department was completely eliminated. The high school lost a guidance counselor. Peer Group Connections (a peer group of seniors paired with freshman) was eliminated. We lost the elementary enrichment programs a decade ago.

These cuts are unsustainable. 

The school board will be discussing this on Monday April 13th at 7pm at the High School.  If you can’t attend, this petition is your opportunity to be heard. Every time someone signs, it’s sent to each board member via email.

Here’s the historical data for Clarence’s school tax rate:

Taxes remain significantly lower than they were 10 years ago.

Please sign, post, email & share the petition! Let’s remind recalcitrant members of the board that we’re taxpayers, too!

Thank you for your support!

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