KCSG Endorses Andrews, Stock, Kloss for School Board

Clarence, NY
May 7, 2014


Today members of Keep Clarence Schools Great (KCSG), a group of concerned citizens who have united to ensure the community balances the interests of Clarence taxpayers with the needs of the school district’s students and faculty, have announced they will be endorsing Matt Stock, Maryellen Kloss, and Tricia Andrews for the 2014 Clarence School Board election.

“Matt Stock, Maryellen Kloss, and Tricia Andrews have shown a commitment to balancing the educational needs of our district with the financial interests of our taxpayers,” said KCSG member Chris Kausner. “As a fiscal conservative, I am drawn to candidates who are committed to running the district in an efficient manner, while understanding the difference between efficiency and a needless starving of fundamental resources.  Clarence has long maintained one of the leanest school districts in the state, and these individuals will work to uphold that tradition without compromising the quality of our schools, which are the backbone of this community.”

KCSG members stated they are supporting these candidates because they have shown a commitment to fighting back against the forces in town that have succeeded in eliminating over 100 staff positions an several key programs over the last three years.  The push for cuts came despite the fact that the school system has consistently been rated one of the most cost-conscious and fiscally conservative districts in western New York by Buffalo Business First.

“For the last few years, our school system has been under attack by a small but vocal group of individuals that believe the district – which has long maintained one of the lowest school tax levies in the state, while producing some of the best academic results – should not afford students the basic amenities enjoyed by prior generations,” said KCSG member Katie Webster. “As a result, we have witnessed an unnecessary and destructive slashing of programs and teachers, leading to overcrowded classrooms, fewer choices, and diminished morale among students and personnel – all of which has a negative impact on Clarence as a whole. Matt Stock, Maryellen Kloss, and Tricia Andrews will work to restore what has been lost, and ensure the status of the Clarence school district is not eroded further.”

The Clarence school board election is scheduled to take place Tuesday, May 20 from 7am – 9pm at the Clarence High School gymnasium.  Aside from casting their vote for Stock, Kloss, and Andrews, KCSG members encourage all residents to approve the at-the-tax-cap budget that the current board passed unanimously, as well as the bus purchase proposition, given its minimal impact on taxpayers.  New York State will provide 65% of the funding needed to replace 12 buses that are well beyond their useful life cycle, limiting costs to the average homeowner to $4 per year over the next 5 years.

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