Clarence United to Vote Yes

Coalition of Clarence School Groups Unites on Budget Issues and Ask the Community to Vote YES on June 18th

June 18th 8' x 8' billboard

Citizens For Sustainable Schools, Keep Clarence Schools Great and Clarence Taxpayers Unite to “Bridge” District Past Budget Vote, Hold All Parties Accountable

With just six days remaining before Clarence District Residents go to the polls to decide the fate of the re-vote budget, a trio of School and Taxpayer groups have come together to support a Yes vote – but with a message for the District.

“It’s time to put aside our differences” said Lisa Thrun, of Citizens for Sustainable Schools. “After our call for cooperation last week, the leadership of our three groups [Citizens For Sustainable Schools, Keep Clarence Schools Great and Clarence Taxpayers] met to see where we had common ground. Quite frankly, while we may disagree on how to get there, we all want what’s best for our schools and our children.”

Matt Stock, of Keep Clarence Schools Great, agreed. “There simply isn’t enough time before the vote to solve issues that have accumulated over several years” said Stock. “We see this budget vote as a bridge. A ‘Yes’ vote will keep the impact on our children at a minimum in the short term while we roll up our sleeves and get to work to get programs reinstated and increase transparency and accountability in the district.

“Our coalition will hold all parties in the district – including teachers, administrators, the school board and citizens- accountable for their share of a long-term solution to the challenges facing our District, so we can keep Clarence Schools great.”

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