Clarence: #1 In Cost-Effectiveness

According to Buffalo Business First, Clarence is the most cost-effective school district in western New York. From its article,

Clarence is the most cost-effective school district in Western New York, based on its combination of academic excellence and fiscal frugality, according to Business First.

The so-called “bang for the buck” indicator was devised to recognize districts that achieve classroom success despite low spending rates.

The cost-effectiveness rankings are based on a statistical comparison of academic performance and district spending. (The slideshow includes each district’s percentile — the percentage of other districts that it outperformed.)

Each district’s score on Business First’s 100-point academic scale has been divided by the amount it spends per student, resulting in a ratio of points per $1,000. The higher the ratio, the more cost-effective the district.

There you have it. The next time someone tells you that the Clarence district spends too much, or that tax money should “go to the kids”, please show them this. We are the most cost-effective out of 96 WNY districts.

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