Diane Burley McGlue

The Importance of Music Education

At the announcement that four beloved music teachers would be cut, there was a palpable wail. Valerie Acee from CCE, Lou Shafer from CHS Jennifer Mernitz CHS Instrumental, CHS vocal and SH Mike Vertoske CMS 6th grade band. Each of these professionals possesses a unique talent that can’t be backfilled by just another body.  We “stole” […]

Why Didn’t They Just Do 2% Every Year?

No matter which side of the equation you were on, people have wondered why the increase had to have been 9.8% — and risk creating such a blowback from sticker shock. In fact, all of us had had the same question raised to us (or raised it ourselves) about a hundred times over the last […]

Undoing the Collateral Damage to Clarence

Undoing the Collateral Damage to Clarence

Keep Clarence Schools Great is a new coalition of concerned taxpayers and parents who are energized to sift through the dizzying array of “facts” related to our schools and cull the truth from the fiction. Our goal is to not dazzle people with bull and wishful thinking, but to relate the information in a way […]

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