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Keep Clarence Schools Great Endorses Michael Fuchs & Dennis Priore

Keep Clarence Schools Great asks that on May 19th, please vote “MD”; vote “Michael and Dennis”. They are the only pro-school candidates in the school board race, and they’re the only two candidates who actually own the homes in which they and their families live, and who pay school taxes. Both of them supported November’s […]

What do You See?

Palmcards and Signs!

Do you have a lawnsign? We have some left to go around! Email us at keepclarenceschoolsgreat[at] to get yours! Have you seen our palmcards?   Did you read this takedown of the opposition’s main talking points?  Are you going to the budget hearing at 7pm on Monday May 11th? How about the candidate forum on […]

Your Voice Was Heard

Most school board meetings take place in the lecture hall in the high school’s administration wing, and they’re typically sparsely attended and uneventful. That changes during budget season, and this added meeting to discuss the final state aid figures was moved to the high school auditorium to accommodate a larger crowd. And a larger crowd […]

The 11 Proposed Positions to Restore

Here are the 11 positions Superintendent Hicks will propose to restore at Monday night’s budget meeting. Sign the petition and demand that the school board restore these NEEDED positions. Note that language – NEEDED. NOT ONE is fluff. 2 ELA and 2 math teachers at CMS and CHS to meet state mandates and serve students […]

Roger Showalter’s Faulty Logic

As you’re no doubt aware from our current petition drive, Superintendent Hicks will recommend to the school board that they use the unanticipated influx of state aid to raise the tax levy by 3.9%, well under the 4.7% cap, and restore 11 positions. If you haven’t yet done so – drop everything and please sign […]

Please Sign the Petition

The board meets Monday to consider restoring positions The state aid numbers are in, and Superintendent Hicks proposes to raise the levy by 3.9% (well below the cap of 4.78%), and restore 11 positions, including teachers. At least one board member has signaled that he will not vote to restore these positions. Please sign this […]

Budget Study Session Added: Be Heard!

“Don’t give up — that’s what they want. Keep up the good work. You guys showing up last night was important because it balances out the teacher influence. Keep the troops organized and keep coming to the meetings. thank you for what you do — it makes a difference.” That’s what school board member Roger Showalter sent to the […]

Regarding the Budget Study Session

Regarding the Budget Study Session

In 2013, Clarence voters overwhelmingly rejected a school tax increase of 9.8% – well over the state’s tax cap.  The message that sent to the school’s board, teachers, students, and parents was that the community would not support maintaining the school’s excellent people, classes, and services if it meant taxes being raised in excess of […]

Weakened Schools, Weakened Community

Here are some facts:

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