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Did you receive one of our palmcards at the 2015 Clarence Center VFD Labor Day Parade? Thanks for visiting our website!

First and foremost, we’d like to THANK YOU for supporting our schools. Each of you pays school taxes which go to fund the most cost-effective school district in Western NY! Our district is ranked 3rd academically, boasting the 2nd lowest full-value tax rate in the region. School district spending has risen only 0.6% over the last six years, well below inflation, and we have the 6th lowest per-pupil spending out of the 670 districts in the state of New York!

Not all the news is good, though. There’s still work to do to Keep Clarence Schools Great. The district has cut 114 positions since 2011, including teachers and social workers. Many of our best teachers are gone and will never be coming back. Although enrollment has gone down slightly, projected kindergarten class sizes have been increasing.

Class sizes – especially at the elementary schools – remain above district guidelines due to recent cuts. The 2015 budget restored 11 faculty positions, but today’s students are not getting the same quality education as kids a decade ago.

We need your help! Great schools are an integral part of our wonderful and unique community. We can maintain our school district’s cost-effective excellence, while lowering class sizes, reinstating classroom aides and social workers, and restoring lost programs.

For more information about the Clarence School District, check out our FAQs.

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Who are we?

We’re taxpayers. We’re parents. We’re your friends and neighbors. We live in Clarence, and we’re here for the community, the quality of life, and the excellent schools. Most of us are parents of school-age kids.

We are not partisan. Some of us are conservative Republicans, and some of us are liberal Democrats, and most of us are somewhere in-between. We are united to ensure that Clarence children’s education is as excellent as the one prior generations of students have enjoyed.

We have no ties to the Clarence Teachers’ Organization, NYSUT, or any other public or private labor union or organization. We do not coordinate fundraising or messaging with any such organization.

We have no ties to any national lobbying group or effort, we do not coordinate messaging with any professional advocacy organization in New York, Albany, or Washington D.C.

IMG_2423We are homeowners and renters. We are partners in our children’s education. We are consumers who patronize local businesses and merchants. We are organized. We are exceedingly concerned. We demand quality output and efficiency for our tax dollar.

We attend every School Board meeting and regularly monitor what the board is doing and how our schools are performing and – most importantly – how the board addresses financial challenges and unfunded Albany mandates.

Keep Clarence Schools Great is a grassroots initiative aimed at preserving the quality of the Clarence school system. Our underlying philosophy is that well-funded schools that offer diverse curriculum options and robust support services not only benefit students, they benefit THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY.

With that in mind, KCSG has embarked on a relentless, well-organized campaign that aims to fundamentally change the way people think about our schools and the role they play in enriching the lives of EVERYONE in the Clarence community, including families with children and those without.

We started Keep Clarence Schools Great in response to a budget crisis that began in 2012. This led to the failure of the 2013 budget and a period of acrimony throughout the town. We don’t want to repeat that experience. But even before 2012, we watched as sharp cuts were made to non-mandated programs – programs that helped Clarence schools stand out.

With your help and support, we helped to pass the 2014 capital repair and improvement project, we’ve ensured the election of good people to the school board, we’ve passed the last two school budgets, and started restoring what was taken away during the 2012-14 budget cycles.

In 2015, a town-wide re-assessment just days before the election resulted in 1,000 more “no” votes than in 2014. Luckily, we were already campaigning hard, and with your help we overcame that challenge.



Check out our News Feed here, and keep in touch! Join us! The 2016 – 2017 budget process starts in January.


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